Searches for This Lip Product Are Up 388% on Pinterest


If you thought our collective obsession with plump lips had already hit its maximum, Pinterest analytics suggest quite another story: Representatives at the site tell us that one of the most popular beauty searches right now is "lip masks" with a 388% increase year over year. And it's just as well, since this relatively new variety of product is a game changer, especially if you're looking to salvage your pout from wintry conditions.

There are actually two general categories of lip masks: One is the leave-on variety, like a heavy cream or salve that essentially acts as a super-powered lip balm; the second is the undeniably adorable jelly mask, a Korean beauty import that tends to be shaped like an oversize pout. (Basically, it's a sheet mask for your mouth.) You can guess which kind of lip mask might make for better Snapchat fodder, but both are highly effective for restoring even the most parched, flaky pout to its ideal state.

We at Byrdie HQ feel strongly about maintaining dewy and plump lips, so naturally, we have a handful of favorite lip masks in both categories. Keep scrolling to see our recs.