L.A. vs. NY: These Are the Most Popular Fragrances Across the Country

We’re saying it: Fragrance is an underrated beauty product. Because it doesn't affect appearance, some people skip it all together, opting to spend their time and money on other aesthetic pleasures like mascara, lipstick, face serum, or hair treatments. Don't get us wrong, we love those things too (with pure passion, might we add), but fragrance is just as important. After all, spritzing on a beloved perfume is a total sensory experience. It evokes memories and emotions and changes the way we hold ourselves. Plus, it's like a study in personality. The scents that people are attracted to say a lot about who they are and what they love (at least we think so). That's why we found data released by Fragrance.com so interesting. The online perfume retailer compiled its sales data to show which scents are the most popular according to state, and it might surprise you. We definitely weren't expecting these results.

Keep reading to see which fragrances are most popular in your state!

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Opening Image: The 15th District