The 15 Serums Byrdie Readers Bought the Most in 2018

Out of all the categories of skincare products on the market, serums are a true skincare guru's ultimate weakness. All those potent active ingredients, the ability to customize your routine, the science-like packaging… ugh. It's hard to get excited about moisturizer when serums are on the table.

We talked a lot about the newest and best serums here on Byrdie in 2018, and you skincare-loving readers seemed to dig it because according to info from our data team, you bought hundreds of them.

Speaking of data, we were intrigued to see exactly which face serums were the trendiest among Byrdie readers this year. So we hit up our analytics team to find the 15 options you all bought the most after reading about them in our stories. (Spoiler: There's a ton of vitamin C on this list.) Interested to find out what you bought this year? Keep scrolling to count down to the number one Byrdie reader–beloved serum from 2018.