This Is the Most Popular Concealer on Pinterest

Dark circles are annoying, sure, but they're also a fact of life. We've all had them. They can be a product of late nights, poor diet, and even your DNA. "Dark circles and puffiness are a combination of life and genetics—that means they can become more prominent after pulling long hours at the office, too many margarita-filled nights, sun, and sometimes allergies," explains Amy Fan, an expert from Onomie, a brand dedicated to preventing, treating and concealing under-eye circles.

"There are two types of dark circles," says Fan. "The first is under-eye circles with a bluish tinge, which are actually pools of blood underneath your eyes. The skin right below your eyes is very thin and delicate, and when blood pools, it shows right through." She continues, "The second is under-eye circles with a brown tint. This is usually caused by hyperpigmentation, which is partly genetic and can be exacerbated with sun exposure."

So what to do? Other than keeping your cortisol levels in check, eating well, drinking enough water, and making sure to get some sleep (I know, a tall order), investing in a great concealer can make things easier on you. To find the best options, we connected with our friends over at Pinterest for their top trending concealers with great reviews and thousands of pins. Below, find the five most popular.