It's Official: This Color Is the New Millennial Pink



If it seems like we're all looking at the world through rose-colored glasses lately, it might be because everything is awash in Millennial Pink. But even as the bubble gum hue continues to dominate our Instagram feeds, it looks as though there is another pink on the rise, or atleast that's what those in the know at Pinterest are telling us. Per the site's analytics team, searches for mauve nails are up 170% over last year, and people are pinning mauve hairstyles and makeup looks at an uptick of 40% to boot. Which can only mean one thing: that this dustier take on the beloved pastel hue is about to become spring’s new neutral.

Not quite brown yet not pink either, this up and coming shade puts a cool new twist on your everyday lip, nail, and or hair color. Perhaps that's the reason our contact at Pinterest, Amanda Switzer says we will be "seeing flashes of mauve everywhere this spring." For the dusty pink images blowing up our Pinterest feed, keep on scrolling.