This Is the #1 Breakfast Food Among Millennials


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In 2017, Americans are eating breakfast more often than ever. A recent study from market research firm The NPD Group expects the consumption of breakfast to increase 5% by 2019. The majority of Americans eat breakfast almost every day—361 days a year, on average (that's up from 350 days, the number from 2010).

The problem is that due to jam-packed schedules, progressively long commutes, and an irresistible array of convenience foods available, most Americans aren't reaching for healthy meals in the morning. According to Time magazine, "We buy and eat nearly a third of our breakfasts on the go." For many Americans, convenience takes priority over nutrition at breakfast time; visits to fast food restaurants, many of which now offer all-day breakfast, have risen noticeably in the past year.

Interestingly, though, millennials are the exception to these trends. According to NPD's findings, millennials value "fresh food" more than Gen Xers and baby boomers, and this largely informs their breakfast choices.

Interested to see which food is the Millennial's breakfast of choice? Keep scrolling to find out!