ICYWW: The Most Expensive Perfumes Byrdie Editors Own (and Love)

When it comes to perfume, our hands are tied. On one hand, we find it difficult to spend $150 and above (and per this story specifically, "above" serves as the operative word). Yet on the other, finding a fragrance which feels like The One is similar to finding a needle in a haystack—perhaps harder. Plus, we just really really like to smell good. (Hence why we've spent so much time re-hashing our favorite natural, compliment-inducing, date night, and seasonal picks.) And as we've noticed, collectively, we have very expensive taste. (Whoops.)

But just like not all expensive skincare and makeup products are worth their jaw-dropping price tags, the same goes for fragrance. In fact, we've pushed away more bottles than we'd care to admit with grimaces and curled noses—many of which comparable price-wise to a healthy sum of our paycheck. That being said, if you've been in the mood to invest in a seriously luxe perfume (because, honestly, nothing feels quite as satisfying as a soulful spritz of a drop-dead scent) we thought we'd share the most expensive perfumes we own and, plot twist, love. In other words, sticker shock aside, we'd buy these eight lusty fragrances for ourselves or our loved ones again and again. Keep scrolling for the most expensive perfumes Byrdie editors can't quit.