Behold: The Most Expensive Beauty Products in the World

Not long ago, Guerlain manufactured a lipstick tube made of 18-karat gold and encrusted with rubies, emeralds, and almost 200 free diamonds (totaling a weight of 2.2 carats). It sold for $62,000. A few years back, you could buy a $14 million (yes, we said million) tube of mascara from the now-defunct cosmetics line H. Couture Beauty. The mascara inside the tube could hardly compare to our drugstore favorites. The tube itself with 1000 Swarovski crystals, 2500 blue diamonds, and 18-karat gold tubing was responsible for the price. To the credit of these products, both items would be refilled (free of charge) by the brand whenever you ran out. Nonetheless, there’s a reason neither one is available today. While the products in this list don’t inspire quite as much sticker shock, they are the most expensive you can buy today.

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