Morning Sickness Almost Ruined Me, But This Helped

Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

It's difficult to explain to someone who's never experienced it, how appalling morning sickness can be. Before I became pregnant, I had no idea. "What's a few spews over the course of nine months?" I thought, if I ever thought about it at all. "Surely you can manage with medication," I said to myself. (HA! I tried three different options—none of them worked for me.) Having never known anyone with "unmanageable" morning sickness, I didn't think it would be that bad. But while some women get off scot-free, and some get a tiny touch of nausea, I vomited so violently (and often) I burst blood vessels in my face.

During the first trimester, I had nausea 24/7. For weeks, I averaged only a few handfuls of crackers a day. On the odd occasion I didn't immediately need to throw up on waking, I'd maybe manage some breakfast. Sometimes it stayed down. (Mostly, it didn't.) Often, I threw up plain water. At my worst, I was so ill I couldn't get out of bed for a month. I didn't know when, or if, it would end. Thankfully, the intensity did eventually dial down. I was still sick most days for another six weeks, but I was grateful I could leave the house. It was at this stage, I discovered a little-known morning sickness cure deep in the depths of the internet. And unlike ginger, acupuncture and vitamin B6, it actually helped.

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Desperate for help I came across magnesium oil as a potential cure deep in mummy forum territory. The theory for it's effectiveness revolves around the belief that during pregnancy cortisol levels spike and fall, resulting in fatigue and nausea. (Read: Morning sickness.) In a non-pregnant body, magnesium is able to balance this process but preggo hormones can interfere by inhibiting the body's absorption abilities. Willing to give anything a go, I began spraying the oil on the backs of my knees three times a day. On a friend's recommendation, I incorporated mineral-rich bone broth into my diet—another sourse of magnesium. I also started taking Epsom salt baths, and an oral supplement at night. Seems excessive, perhaps, but after a week, I felt better.

While I can't be 100% sure boosting my magnesium levels was what ultimately brought me relief, I'm pretty convinced. I ran out of bone broth and Epsom salt two weeks into my new routine and my symptoms almost immediately got worse—that's proof enough for me. Plus, I later asked my midwife about it and she told me that not only is magnesium a secret morning sickness cure for some, it's also great at keeping blood pressure stable and promoting quality sleep. Now almost into my third trimester, I'm morning sickness-free. Still, I still use either the salts or oil daily, and recommend them to others who swear they work. A miracle fix? Maybe not. But it still beats dry toast and ginger tea.

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