Cheer's Morgan Simianer on Her Favorite Ab Workout and #1 Hype Song

Plus, the best beauty lesson she learned while competing.

Morgan Simianer

@morgannlyn / Instagram

The One Thing

Our series The One Thing is a Sparknotes version of the products, rituals, and moments your favorite celebrities and influencers swear by—their go-tos, must-haves, and can’t-live-withouts. So go ahead—take a brief, intimate peek into the lives of your favorites through the things (and people, and moments) they hold dear.

If there's one person you want on your team—be it for an actual sporting event, something more low-stakes like bar trivia, or even at work—it's undoubtedly Morgan Simianer. The all-star athlete has all the trappings of a single-minded sportsman, but it's her kind encouragement, team loyalty, and contagiously joyful energy that made her a breakout star of Cheer, Netflix's runaway docuseries hit. Fine, it's probably her superhuman ability to flip through the air (and make it look easy), too.

Simianer, a 24-year-old Wyoming native, didn't just nab America's Sweetheart status through her high-flying stunts, though. It's her approachability and vulnerability, speaking about everything from her once-fractured family life to prioritizing mental health, that made her resonate with Cheer's millions of dedicated viewers. Even if you don't self-identify as "a Morgan," you absolutely want to be friends with one. Cementing her status as everyone's pretend best friend, Simianer's just inked a colorful new collaboration with Conair and Scünchi full of bright, on-trend accessories (gilded butterfly clips, anyone?) and western-inspired twists. And if you've seen even a few minutes of either Cheer season, you know all too well—few can work a hair accessory like Simianer.

Below, we caught up with the ever-upbeat Morgan Simianer to learn more about her collaboration, must-have makeup, and the best part of showcasing her life on Cheer.

The One Thing That Never Leaves Her Cheer Bag

"Gum, lipstick, and my spiral ponytailers ($5) that are a part of my collaboration with Conair and Scünci."

Morgan Simianer xo Scünchi
Morgan Simianer xo Scünchi Matte Evo Core Spiral Ponytailers $6.00

The One Thing She Wishes She Had an Infinite Amount Of

"Time and sleep."

The One Beauty Product That Gives Her the Most Confidence

"Eyelashes! If I don’t have eyelashes on, I feel incomplete. I learned how to put on fake eyelashes and mastered them [while cheerleading]. I think putting strip lashes on is the hardest part of doing makeup!"

Mademoiselle Lash lashes
Mademoiselle Lash Vegan Mink Lashes in Jane $24.00
Morgan Simianer in Navarro Cheer uniform

Morgan Simianer / Instagram

The One Makeup Product That's Made the Biggest Difference

“My makeup routine starts with skincare and then I use multiple different brands for products. I love the Dr. Jart+ Color Correcting Treatment ($52) because it moisturizes my skin, covers up blemishes and redness, and preps it for makeup. I'm not talented at makeup but I rub it on and make it work.”

Dr Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment
Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 $52.00

Her Go-To Breakfast for Intense Workout Days

"Belvita Breakfast Sandwich Bars in Dark Chocolate Creme ($20)."

The One Song That Always Gets Her Hyped Up

"'Incredible' by Celine Dion. This song gets me pumped up because it was one of our team songs at Navarro. We would listen to it when we would walk to the clocktower to warm up. It makes my heart happy to listen to it because it brings back memories and reminds me of all the hard work I've put into cheerleading."

The One Piece of Advice She Would Give Her Younger Self

"Everything happens for a reason, don’t give up. You get what you put into the world."

The One Thing She Loves the Most About Texas

"I love the palm trees and the warm weather. We don’t have anything like it in Wyoming."

The One Workout She's Always Game For

"My favorite workout is abs, specifically bicycle crunches or heel taps. I also like to run."

The One Moment From Cheer Season 2 She Was Most Excited to Watch

"I was excited to see how they showcased the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that we got to be a part of, like going on Ellen!"

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