Morgan Brown Shares How She Keeps Her Skin and Mind Healthy From PM to AM

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Morgan with ANR

 Morgan Brown

Welcome to PM to AM, a series about developing a healthy routine in the evening and morning. Created in partnership with Estée Lauder, Byrdie is talking to some of our favorite tastemakers about their rituals and routines on both sides of sleep.

People trust Morgan Brown for her unique perspective, whether she’s talking about skincare or the day-to-day minutiae of life. After all, there’s a reason that more than 50k people follow her on Instagram and more than 500k subscribe to her YouTube channel, It’s Hey Morgan, where she shares incredible stories and advice for living well. So when we started celebrating Estée Lauder’s New Advanced Night Repair serum by asking experts about their PM and AM rituals, we knew we wanted to speak with Brown.

Those moments before bed and after waking up are essential for taking care of your skin and mind. Brown was generous enough to share how she keeps both healthy, telling us how she fits me moments into her evening and morning routine. While you might not have skin exactly like Brown’s—hers is sensitive, oily in the T-zone and dry everywhere else—these rituals can help anyone look and feel their best.

BYRDIE: In what ways do you take time for yourself? And why is it important to take these moments for yourself at night and in the morning? 

Morgan Brown: I have a consistent morning routine (coffee, mediation, skincare) that really helps me start the day as my best self. Though these me-moments are small, they are so important to my routine. Making time for yourself is like your inner check-in. “Am I ok? What do I need?” It’s about balance, restoring and resetting.

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 Morgan Brown

BYRDIE: Tell me about your evening routine. 

MB: Nighttime is where all the magic happens! I’m that girl who will have 25-steps in her routine and have no shame. I always start with an oil cleanser. I prefer oil cleansing over a makeup wipe because it’s less abrasive on the skin. Sensitive skin folk: oil cleansing is for you! Next up in my nighttime routine: masking. Masking is my favorite step, especially at night. There’s nothing like throwing on a sheet mask, pouring a glass of red wine and burning Palo Santo with Solange on in the background, am I right? 

What’s new in my routine is the new Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. It helps optimize skin’s natural repair process, boosts natural production of collagen, diminishes the look of pores and targets visible signs of aging. Even though I’m not at the age where I see strong signs of aging, it’s better to be active and not reactive. There are other factors that contribute to skin aging, and it’s not just time. There’s the sun, pollution and other environmental assaults that we encounter daily. So it’s never too early to protect your skin, boo!

BYRDIE: Tell me about your morning routine. 

MB: In the morning, things are a bit less complicated. I cleanse, tone, apply serum, moisturize then SPF. Easy and straight to the point! A superstar in my routine at the moment is the Uruoi Skin Lotion. It works as an essence toner, which is huge in Asian beauty, and just brings so much water into my skin. This product has perfected my ‘glass skin’ routine. Highly recommend introducing this product even in your nighttime routine, right before using the Advanced Night Repair serum.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex $105

BYRDIE: How does your personal morning and nighttime routine help set up your day and make you feel energized / relaxed ? How has it benefited you to maintain these routines?

MB: There are just countless things happening in our world today that, righteously so, gets in the way of us meeting our daily to-do’s or even getting a restful night of sleep. Having a routine, morning and night, gives me the space to be still, to breathe. It’s something we’re all forgetting to do collectively.

We have to remember that in order to come out of the other side of this as better people, a better whole, we need to show up for ourselves first. Whether that be with a face mask, a meditation, a coffee pour, I encourage you all to establish and prioritize your ‘me-moment’ so you wake up the next day stronger and more confident than you were the day before.