This Workout Class May Be the Best Place to Meet a Mate


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Yoga is the perfect workout for those who hate working out—I've had firsthand experience with that. I lived the majority of my late teens and early 20s consistently mocking the idea that exercise could be fun, enjoyable, or any other positive adjective for what I basically deemed torture. 

That being said, I grew up a bit and wrapped my head around the idea that no matter what, I had to start treating my body in a better, more healthy way. My father is a yoga teacher, and I finally began to take him up on his offers to show me the light. And that he did. Now I'm a full-blown believer, improving my practice whenever possible. It's become a way for me to stay centered, balanced, and toned throughout the daily grind of living and working in New York City and the pressure that inevitably entails. 

Good news: According to The New York Post, yoga may also be beneficial in the romance department. I've seen men in the studio, but usually each class consists of mostly women, save for a few shirtless, flexible males up front. Apparently, though, the number of men in tree pose has grown from 6 million to 10 million since 2012.

And these men are not generally the all-too-tipsy, arrogant college bro you've been trying to avoid since graduation. New York City yoga instructor Todd Rengel told the newspaper, "Guys that are into yoga tend to be introspective. In broad strokes, that's appealing to the type of woman who's looking for a man who isn't stagnant," he explained. Rengel went on to suggest that men who practice yoga "want to know more about themselves and how they tick."

So there you have it—yoga will help guide your spirituality, keep you calm on your often busy path, and perhaps score you a date in the process. What happens on said date is up to you, but I'd stock up on dry shampoo in the meantime, because it'll do wonders on your sexy post-yoga hair.