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TikTok Accounts and Trends That Bring Us Joy
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The TikTok Accounts and Trends That Bring Us Joy

Scrolling through Instagram is a turbulent journey. Light, easy-viewing posts like funny memes and baby animal videos are peppered with raucous news headlines and triggering highlight-reel moments we can't help but compare to our own situations. What should be an outlet and form of escapism can sometimes be the source of our evasion.

And then there's TikTok.

Where Instagram and Pinterest feel heavily curated and perfectionist in nature, TikTok is a place to show your most vulnerable and raw self. Poking fun at yourself is highly encouraged and fosters a sense of community; you're instantly “in” on an inside joke the moment you open the app. And no matter what kind of day you’re having—or what’s going on in the world—TikTok is there to help you forget about reality for as long as you'll let it.

To get the good vibes going, we're helping you curate your FYP with a solid list of accounts, trends, and sounds sure to uplift your spirits. Below, 13 TikTok accounts that are more than worth a follow.


@nabela / Design by Cristina Cianci

“Somehow I only just discovered Nabela a few months ago on TikTok, but I was immediately taken with her page. Her account is a safe space for what she calls “pockets of peace." Moments throughout her day that feel magical, warm, and kind of like a hug for your brain. From making delicious desserts to decorating her home, to doing a luxurious scrub in the shower, Nabela makes me feel warm, fuzzy, and most of all included. While her home and lifestyle are clearly aspirational, she doesn’t rub it in your face—it’s kind of like she’s just inviting you in. Nabela, I love you and I’m cheering for you!” - Star Donaldson, senior social media editor


@antonibumba / Design by Cristina Cianci

“The 'BBL Effect' has TikTok in a chokehold, but you might not know who started this trend. Allow me to introduce you to Antoni Bumba. This hilarious trend pokes harmless fun at the idea that the surgery causes one to have a whole new attitude and mannerisms. I’ve never had a BBL, but the effect somehow feels strangely relatable.” - Jasmine Phillips, social media editor


@mrmilothechonk/Design by Cristina Cianci

“It is no secret at all that I’m a cat person, (re: Byrdie’s Instagram feed curated in part by yours truly). And to be honest, my FYP is mostly cats, but I’m not ashamed—it kind of makes me a bit of a TikTok cat expert. So when I say that Milo The Chonk is worth a follow, I mean it. This cat is not only a vessel for a human soul but also has incredible antics that are his idea and truly hilarious. For example, he is a connoisseur of water and can always distinguish between tap and Dasani. And he is able to trick his dog brother into going inside his crate when he’s sick of him. Overall, he is a cat you can't quit!” - Star


@violetezedimora/Design by Cristina Cianci

“Things I wish I had: Violet’s entire closet. Her style is on point and she can effortlessly and equally slay in a dress and a pants suit. She has inspired me to step a little more outside of my box when it comes to fashion. I find myself reaching for more color these days which, if you know me, says a lot.” - Jasmine


@licout/Design by Cristina Cianci

“The new and trending music on TikTok can be overwhelming, and sometimes you want to hear something old and familiar. Let this account be your safe space. Andrew curates his page around feel-good hits from the 2000s-2010s with his main character, “the producer,' leading the way. While he plays *all* of the parts in his performances, it’s exciting to see who will come into the studio and what happens behind the scenes in the booth. Also, the characters are not bad to look at either... just saying.” - Star


@annaxsitar/Design by Cristina Cianci

“When Anna first showed up on my FYP, I saw her videos of trying out Starbucks drinks recommended by her followers. Since then, Anna has been killing it with her seamless transitions, a ‘how to feel better after a breakup’ series, a journey through her master’s program, and by just sending good vibes.” - Jasmine


@remibader/Design by Cristina Cianci

“Remi’s account is a safe space for fashion and realistic try-on hauls. I like to think of her page as my own inner monologue when I’m in the dressing room because her videos really tell and show all. She shares clothes that fit and accentuate and the ones that just don’t work out, and it’s all ok! It’s incredibly refreshing to see a curation of content that is a real-life mix of thinking an outfit will work perfectly and, just like IRL, it doesn’t always. Remi encourages me to not be afraid of trying new things and to not sweat it when things don’t work out.” - Star


@baidaugh/Design by Cristina Cianci

“*Cues Tik Tok sound (from RuPaul’s Drag Race)* 'Am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama.' If he’s not stealing his mom’s snacks, he’s falling out on the floor after saying the word “no." Baby Franklin is the youngest of three boys and, IMO, the funniest. You simply can’t not smile watching him.” - Jasmine


@nailartbysig/Design by Cristina Cianci

“Sigourney’s account is so amazing for many reasons. Not only does she create amazing manicures, with negative space and trendy designs but she also explains how you can recreate these manis yourself. That’s just one of the amazing things about TikTok: no gatekeeping. Sig’s voice is soothing and patient and she gives step-by-step instructions that don't require being an artist in order to follow. If you love nail art but don’t want to pay for intricate designs, you need to give her a follow—she’ll walk you through it.” - Star


@jazmynjw/Design by Cristina Cianci

“I first saw a video from Jazmyn’s ‘Black at Work’ series on Instagram and I immediately started following her on Tik Tok. Her funny yet relatable content is what keeps me coming back.” - Jasmine

“The first videos I saw of Jazmyn’s were about cooking for her husband. What on the surface seems like it would be a mushy collection of a wife doting on her partner, they're actually the opposite. It truly makes me laugh out loud anytime I see her make herself a delicious meal and give her husband 1/16 of a portion with ⅛ of the flavoring—it’s gold.” - Star


@everythingeryn/Design by Cristina Cianci

“I’ve really been into DIY home projects lately. And by projects, I mean laying in bed watching people on TikTok. From her balcony transformations to design hacks, Eryn’s videos are always satisfying to watch. She does a great job of making her apartment feel super luxe without breaking the bank.” - Jasmine

“For all of the millennials out there, just when we thought we left the little lad from the Starburst Berries and Cream commercial in the past, TikTok decided otherwise. Listen, some things are better the second time around, and with more video editing tools, the mashups that have been born out of this sound are insane. The videos somehow always make me laugh until I cry. Also, I’m happy for the little lad getting his second wind and the respect he deserves.” - Star


@ravenelysetv/Design by Cristina Cianci

“Trends like this make me realize we’re all truly living the same life. Basically, the trend is that you’re just living life, minding your own business and then something comes along and just switches the vibe.

Raven Elyse also has an organizing series on her Tik Tok where she shows her followers how she restocks her groceries into her fridge and pantry. This trend is not only oddly satisfying but it introduces me to new foods I want to try as well as organizing hacks to make things more aesthetically pleasing. Raven is one of the most relatable people that I follow and her 800K+ other followers can agree. ” - Jasmine

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