7 Foods Scientifically Proven to Make You Happier

Our life, aptly put, can be described as a roller coaster of emotions. Some days we’re perfectly fine, chipper as can be—then our favorite TV character gets mercilessly killed off without warning (cough, GoT) and the world becomes a dreary place. Or on the flip side, perhaps we wake up on the wrong side of the bed but a tiny gesture—say, a cup of iced coffee with a heart drawn by our name (thanks, smiley barista)—suddenly makes us feel on top of the world. Our mood fluctuates easily throughout the day, which is why we found it interesting to discover that there are certain scientifically proven ways to level it out. When you’re in a funk or feeling gloomy, these foods will lift you up; consider them your very own happy pills, straight from Mother Nature.

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