Montserrat New York Will Have You Feeling Like the Coolest (and Comfiest) Person in the Room

Model wearing pink Montserrat Short Set.


Anyone who's been awake during the past couple of years knows the power of a good set. For the days (or weeks, or months) when you can't rally the brain cells to put together a functional outfit of individual pieces, a solid two-piece set is always there to get you together quickly. They're comfortable, low effort, and cut down on decision fatigue—what's not to like? Of course, it also helps when they’re made of soft satin and look as luxurious as you feel.

This is how I feel about Montserrat New York’s Jet Sets. Their original, slightly oversized long sleeve and pant combo has gotten me through industry events, family gatherings, and travel days. It's my saving grace when I want to look a lot more elevated than I feel (which is typically rushed, frazzled, and mildly hungover). With the brand’s new spring/summer 2022 Venus collection, there's also now a summer sister to the OG.

The Montserrat New York Short Set, a short sleeve and shorts duo, is now available in delectable shades, including aqua, emerald, and fuchsia. Plus, the second iteration features all the qualities I loved about the first: It’s the perfect level of oversized and includes three tucked-away golden hoops on the front left pocket for their accompanying charms.

The release of their Soho Mini dress, the St. Tropez Skirt, and The Lala Top, (all made in their signature satin) mark a further expansion into apparel for the brand. Culminating in a breezy capsule wardrobe, this group is for the person who’s too cool and too busy to spend more than five minutes picking out a look for Friday night drinks. The collection winks at current trends, with their small mushroom earrings and charms or starfish huggies, but it's classic enough to stay and adapt to your closet for years to come.

For Montserrat New York’s creative director and co-founder, Carolina Cordon-Bouzan, that’s kind of the point, as she sought to bring certain mythical Greek figures into the 21st century.

“I took to Botticelli's The Birth of Venus and Venus as a figure in Greek mythology to inspire and design the SS22 Venus Collection,” she says. “I imagined what Venus would be like in our world today, in Manhattan—where she would go out, what she would do, and most importantly, what she would wear. The styles, colors, and shapes were born from the push and pull between both the masculine and feminine energy that Venus embodies.”

Those aren’t the only additions to Montserrat New York's repertoire this season. The brand also introduced its first eyewear styles with the Paros and Capri. “An exciting extension of the SS22 Venus collection is our recent eyewear drop,” Cordon-Bouzan shares. “Two unisex sunglass styles that also embody the strong personality and bright colors seen throughout SS22.”

If all of this wasn’t enough to convince you to invest in a two-piece set for summer, then I don’t know what else I can do, except slip into my Mediterranean blue Short Set and be the most comfortable and best-dressed person at dinner. For those whose interest I've piqued, check out some of my favorites below.

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