Monica Geller's Flipped Bangs Are the Perfect Fall Hair Inspo

Here's how to get them.

Courtney Cox as Monica Geller


You know whose hair doesn't get enough credit? Monica Geller's always-bouncy lob in Friends. I get it, Rachel Green's 'do is iconic (it's simply referred to as "The Rachel" for a reason), but there's something about Monica's flipped bangs that's the epitome of care-free and tousled. The good news? This autumn, her hairstyle is finally going to get its due.

Compared to the hair trends of this past summer, "Monica hair" channels the '90s in a different way. The deep side part, extra volume, and bouncy texture is a swift departure from previous trends. Instead of focusing on sharp lines and sleek cuts, this hairstyle leans a bit more into a casual, effortless vibe. The goal here is for your hair to look put-together, but almost like it happened by accident.

To learn more about this hair trend, we tapped the creative director of evo hair, Tom Smith. Read on for all the details on this extra-voluminous style—plus, all the tips on the best ways to style it at home.

Meet the Expert

Tom Smith is a celebrity hairstylist and the creative director of evo hair.

What Are Flipped Bangs?

Think of this hairstyle as a retro look that's universally flattering. Flipped bangs are a stark change from the bold, daring hairstyles that have been trending recently. "This summer was all about the middle part and flatness at the root," Smith explains to Byrdie. "This autumn, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of that comfy cozy glamour, and the flipped over parting and fringes will be really big."

So what's the flipped bangs look really about? Smith explains, "The effortless lift you get when your hair is tucked into your fall coat is the vibe." In other words, this chic hairstyle pairs perfectly with fall (and it doesn't look bad tucked into a turtleneck, either).

"[It's] glamorous without trying, highlighting super healthy, clean, lightweight, and voluminous hair," Smith adds. This style embraces what's trendy without making any drastic changes. So if you're currently on the hunt for a fresh new look, flipped bangs are a solid option.

Plus, this look can work for any length and hair type. Some bangs and a side part are really all you need. The best part? If you decide you're not a fan, you can always change your part around until you find a look you love.

If flipped bangs sound like you (or if Monica Geller is on your inspo board), read on for more details on how to style this look, straight from Smith.

How to Style Flipped Bangs

"The Monica" has all of the volume you could want, and luckily, it doesn't require hairspray or teasing. Still, according to Smith, there are a few ways to make flipped bangs look their best. "Let your hair dry in the middle first," he suggests. "Then, flip it over to create a side parting. This will give maximum root lift." Of course, if you want a bit of extra volume, some texturizing spray wouldn't hurt.

Maybe the best part of this hairstyle? You can switch up your side part, depending on how it keeps volume. Smith tells us, "Don’t worry if it begins to fall flat during the day. Just flip it to the other side, and the volume will return."

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