10 Molten Metal Nail Ideas That Put a Maximalist Spin on the Chrome Mani

A molten manicured thumb


Nail art isn't going anywhere—if anything, the trends continue to get more creative. The latest to take our feeds by storm? Molten metal nails. Think chrome 2.0, typically using builder gel to create three-dimensional designs on nails and then a chrome powder to give the design a metal finish.

Normally we'd thank TikTok for this type of trend, but in this case, we can credit celebrity nail artists like Betina Goldstein and Natalie Pavloski. As the rest of the world catches on to this trend—and with so many iterations of molten metal nails to choose from—we don't see molten manis going anywhere (nor do we want it to). Keep reading for 10 of our fave takes on the look that will have you running to the salon.

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Make It 3D, Please

Silver molten lava nails with bubbles


Artist @sojinails is known for her bold, over-the-top nails, and these are just that. The thick 3D texture looks like metal quite literally melted on these nails, and we are here for it.

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Molten Metal Topper

Rainbow ombre molten laval nails


Molten metal nails don't have to be one color. Take this nail art from celebrity artist @bhambnails, which mixes ombré polish with a molten topper. We love how the pop of metal allows the colorful base to shine through.

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A heavy metal molten manicure


This metal-on-metal moment by @myprettyset is the nail inspo we never knew we needed. It's giving '00/'10s with the art—which, as we know, is trendier than ever. (I am sitting in Juicy sweatpants as I type this.) The metal-colored base is complimented by the metallic chrome details, making this the most metal of metal looks.

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Heavy Metal

A 3-D silver molten manicure


If these nails look familiar, it's probably because you've seen the iconic Natalie Pavloski's work on celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Olivia Rodrigo, and Bella Hadid, to name a few. These heavy metal nails will turn heads (and possibly weigh your fingers down a bit).

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Spice Up Your Neutrals

A neutral molten mani


As the age-old phrase goes, less is more. This natural base is perfectly complemented by a molten metal design by artist @myprettyset. This mani was designed for Valentine's Day, but it works year-round and is the perfect entryway to this trend.

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Add Some Sparkle

Sparkly molten nail


Molten metal, but make it sparkle. This liquid metal interpretive design is one of the more popular concepts now, but a holographic chrome powder gives it extra punch. Artist @nailsbysuman quite literally nailed this look.

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Touch of Gold

Molten gold tips


My personal favorite metal, gold, is the perfect touch to this natural-colored base. As these nails by @yo_keshh demonstrate, the molten metal design trend isn't limited to the classic gunmetal color.

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Glazed Donut Metal

Silver molten mani


When two trends unite, you get this iconic set: A glazed donut base topped with molten metal, designed by @angelsnailz. The builder gel design allows for a 3D look, giving these nails more character.

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Liquid Metal

Water drop molten mani


This liquid metal look by @eleven2six_ is a fun take on the molten metal trend. With a metal base nail, Juju used builder gel to emulate the look of water droplets, adding personality and spunk to this set.

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Metal Mix 'N Match

A mix and match molten mani


This mix-and-match set by @gotg0ld is the perfect way to try all the molten metal styles to determine your fave. A combo of builder gel with metal chrome and different bases makes this set fun and unique.

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