22 Modern Ways to Wear a Spiral Perm

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Let's be honest: The word "perm" (short for "permanent wave") might just make you recoil and imagine something out of an '80s yearbook. And we don't necessarily blame you: Perms have gotten a bad rap over the last few years (or decades) and—to be perfectly blunt—they haven't felt truly relevant since that scene in Legally Blonde with Chutney (who also, unfortunately, doesn't help the "pro-perm" crowd's case).

But we're here to make the case that the perm is alive and well—and, truthfully, better than ever. And before you roll your eyes and stop reading, just trust us on this one: These aren't your mom's perms.

In fact, the techniques used to achieve perms today are far better for your hair than the harmful chemicals utilized in the '80s. Plus stylists can totally modify the style to make it feel more modern. Spiral perms, in particular, involve a perm rod that vertically rolls the hair, resulting in a tight, well-defined corkscrew-type curl (with volume and texture that doesn't look like a #TBT photo).

In terms of maintenance, Elle Woods was right when she said you need to wait to wash your perm—48 hours, at least, is usually the best bet. In addition to the no-hair-washing rule, you shouldn't brush or comb your hair during that time either. (You basically want to leave it be—don't disturb it.) Avoid using hair dye, say "no" to styling with heat, and try to keep it extra-moisturized with hair masks and leave-in conditioner as often as possible.

Still with us? We know that might sound like a lot, but a perm will probably cut your hair-routine time in half—just let it air dry every day for perfect, covetable curls.

Check out 22 modern spiral perms—that don't look like '80s throwback pics—below.

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Blonde Moment

Modern Spiral Perms Blonde


A blonde, shaggy spiral perm gives major bedhead vibes—in the best way possible.

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Shaggy Bangs

Modern Spiral Perms Shaggy Bangs


Pair your perm with shaggy bangs and loose layers for '70s-chic perfection. (And of course, this copper hue is next-level cool, too.)

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Curly Waves

Modern Spiral Perms Curly Waves


No, you won't get Shirley Temple ringlets from a spiral perm (unless that's what you're going for). Ask for a curly, wavy texture that's totally edgy instead.

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Curly Bob

Modern Spiral Perms Curly Bob


The best way to get the bounciness your curls deserve is to—hear us out—chop off the length that could potentially be weighing them down. This short, lightweight bob is just the ticket to curls that look alive.

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Keep the Length

Spiral perms work with any hair length, as long as you have enough hair to work with (AKA, wrap onto perm rods). These waist-length spirals prove a perm looks fresh on ultra-long hair, too.

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Blunt Bangs

Make a major statement with blunt curly bangs to complement long, luscious permed locks.

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Barrette Babe

Modern Spiral Perm with Barrette


After getting a perm, you may notice styling suddenly becomes a breeze. We love this simple, effortless look, adorned with just a barrette.

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Piecey Waves

Modern Spiral Perms Piecey Waves


You can't go wrong with piecey, tousled waves—and you'd never guess these ones are the work of an on-point spiral perm.

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Short & Blunt

Modern Spiral Perms Short and Blunt


Short, blunt bobs always make a statement—you can find our faves here—but the spiral perm on this 'do makes it extra special and striking.

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Lots of Layers

Modern Spiral Perms Layered


How cute is this layered perm? With face-framing pieces and curls throughout, this is the kind of hairstyle that'll have you permanently (get it?) in a good mood.

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Tousled Texture

Modern Spiral Perms Tousled


Get the tousled beach-wave vibe with a relaxed spiral perm. How soft, touchable, and pretty are these waves?

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Face-Framing Tendrils

No, this isn't exactly the "scrunched" look you wore in middle school—but this is the cooler, grown-up version, with face-framing curls.

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Long & Luxe

Modern Spiral Perms Long


Embrace the larger-than-life volume a spiral perm gives you by letting your curls run wild. We love this long, loose, and luxurious-looking 'do.

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Soft Waves

Again, a spiral perm doesn't have to look reminiscent of decades past. Here, the curls are natural-looking, touchable, and modern.

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Touchable Softness

Modern Spiral Perms Touchable Softness


No, permed curls don't have to be crunchy—see how totally soft, silky, and touchable this spiral perm turned out.

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Bouncy Shag

Modern Spiral Perms Bouncy Shag


A shag is the ultimate cool-girl cut as far as we're concerned—and this curly iteration is no different. With lots of layers and face-framing tendrils, this bouncy bob was brought to life by a spiral perm.

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Pixie-Cut Perm

Modern Spiral Perms Pixie Cut


We always love a good pixie cut—as you can see here and here—but when a spiral perm is involved, too? It's game over. Accessorize this chic, tousled style with a bandana for bonus points.

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Brushed-Out Bangs

Modern Spiral Perms Brushed Out Bangs


BRB—we're suddenly feeling edgy, artistic, and bold. This spiral perm style combines blunt bangs with a brushed-out texture and it's giving us major hair envy.

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Soft Spirals

Rather than tight, the curls on this spiral-perm 'do are loose, soft, and tousled. (With this style, you can trick people into thinking you did your hair every morning when you really just let it air dry.)

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Long & Lush

Modern Spiral Perms Long Lush


The front tendril here makes this 'do—but generally speaking, these long, lush curls feel ultra-romantic.

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Lightweight & Fresh

Modern Spiral Perms Lightweight


A fresh, lightweight bob with a wavy texture and face-framing bangs? Say no more.

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Bouncy Spirals

You can't go wrong with bouncy spirals and soft texture.

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