These No-Photoshop Images of a VS Model Prove Even Angels Have Stretch Marks

For as much as we talk about the unrealistic portrayal of women's bodies in advertising, you'd think we'd have stopped comparing ourselves to models by now. Who could forget the exposé Refinery29 released earlier this year, where an anonymous Victoria's Secret retoucher revealed that model bodies are not just tweaked, but constructed from head to toe in Photoshop, like Frankenstein's monster. But old insecurities die hard, and as heavily edited images continue to overwhelm us, it's hard to be rational about it. We can't help but feel like those protruding clavicles, perfectly spherical derrières, and flawless skin are a realistic picture of beauty.

However, a just-released set of photos from a Victoria's Secret event is giving us one more reason to feel normal about our bodies. The photos are of VS Angel Jasmine Tookes, who was tapped to don the $3 million Fantasy Bra in this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. PopSugar reports that new photos from her Fantasy Bra fitting are gaining attention for having been released without Photoshop. In the images, the stretch marks on Tookes's thighs are visible, proving once again that stretch marks are a normal, beautiful part of many human bodies and that the images we see in advertisements don't tell the full story.

Keep scrolling to see the unedited images (and to learn more about stretch marks)!

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