Are Stretch Marks Finally Cool Now?

You wouldn’t know that stretch marks even existed looking at the images around us—they’ve been carefully photoshopped out of almost every picture we see. Of course, the reality is that an estimated 80% of people have stretch marks as a result of growth, hormonal fluctuations, or weight gain or loss.

Stretch marks aren’t that scary when you think about them physiologically: They’re made up of scar tissue that’s formed in the second layer of our skin. They form when our skin is overstretched and collagen production is disrupted. As common as they are, stretch marks have long been considered unsightly and a source of embarrassment. Lately, however, we’ve been seeing both greater acceptance and celebration of stretch marks on social media, art, and on celebrities. Rather than critiquing them as flaws, we’re now starting to look at stretch marks as normal parts of life and associate “earning our stripes” with significant experiences such as pregnancy. This visibility and the chill attitude toward stretch marks very well might make us finally accept this totally natural human phenomenon. 

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