12 Beauty Products Models Like Miranda Kerr and Olivia Culpo Always Travel With

After a long day of travel, it's not unusual to look in the mirror and see dull, oily, tired-looking skin staring back at you. So if you're wondering how models like Martha Hunt, Miranda Kerr, and Olivia Culpo manage to look amazing even after long transatlantic flights, well, same. Somehow they emerge with glowy, clear skin after more than 10 hours spent in the air, it's almost unnatural.

We're always on the hunt for new in-flight beauty essentials to add to our routines, so we decided to do some digging. And who better to turn to than some of our favorite jet-setting models who are pretty much perpetually stunning? We read up on some of their travel must-haves, and as expected, they don't disappoint. From an ultra-hydrating lip balm to a radiance-boosting serum, here are the beauty products these models always travel with.