Models Share Their Favorite On-the-Go Workouts

There are a lot of factors about models that seem utterly unobtainable, from their tall, lithe physiques to their otherworldly level of beauty. Genetics play a big role, but so does the budget for and the accessibility to the best of the best gyms and trainers around. But we come bearing good news: Though we can't give you tips for how to grow a few inches taller (stilettos are a start), we do have some gym-free moves models do themselves that you can do anywhere. All you'll need are a few simple pieces of equipment (and in some cases, just your own body weight).

From Shanina to Behati, take a look at the totally doable on-the-go workouts models rely on below.

Behati Prinsloo

Behati Prinsloo at home workouts
VS Sport

Resistance bands are the cheap piece of workout equipment Behati Prinsloo turns to when she's not at the gym. "I really love having [them] with me in different strengths," she tells Well+Good. "It's my easy thing that anyone can do, even at home, literally sitting in front of the TV, or in a hotel room." Her favorite way to use them is placing them around her knees and doing squats, which is a simple way to increase the difficulty level.

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Shanina Shaik

VS Sport

Shaik tells Coveteur that all of her workouts can be done outside of a gym, which is music to any noncommittal, gym-averse person's ears. Her favorite workout is Pilates with ankle weights, as well as squats.

Sigrid Agren

Sigrid Agren at home workouts

Agren makes sure to pack her gym wear wherever she goes so it's always at the ready, and one of her favorite hotel-room workouts comes by way of her laptop and the online yoga class, Glo. "They have so many classes with a lot of different teachers, it's great," she tells Coveteur.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham at home workouts
Forever 21

Surely you have a spare hour when you're traveling to commit to a sweat sesh. Ashley Graham is a big proponent of the "improvised hotel workout": a 30-minute run, jumping jacks, planks, lunges, chair dips, squats, side planks, and push-ups.

Emma Louise Connolly

Emma Louise Connolly, at home workouts

Connolly is no stranger to the gym, mixing Pilates, HIIT, and spin four days a week, but even she faces a lack of motivation from time to time. On days when she's not in the mood to leave the house, she cues up a workout on YouTube, telling Byrdie, "Don't push yourself if you aren't feeling like it. I think it's important to have a good attitude towards working out." You can do the same in your hotel room—we love the channel Yoga With Adriene to calm our minds and work our muscles.

Alexandria Morgan

Alexandria Morgan at home workouts

Arms are a tricky area to tone, but Morgan's found a routine that targets her guns as well as her legs and core—all you need is a mat and some weights and you can follow her lead anywhere.

Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine Tookes, at home workouts
VS Sport

Tookes always brings a "workout pack" with her to create a travel-sized gym wherever she goes. Her go-to piece of equipment is ankle weights to do some "butt workouts," she tells The Cut. Try these weighted leg lifts for buns of steel.

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