The Best Hair Styling Products, According to Models

“Are you your hair?” Lena Dunham asked this question on an episode of her podcast Woman of the Hour, and we can’t help but wonder the same thing. Of all the topics that we talk about, hair often feels the most personal. Whether your strands are straight, wavy, curly, natural, or any of the hundreds of variations, chances are high that you know what it feels like to love your hair—and also what it’s like to hate it. Thus, when it comes to choosing products for our strands, we’re just a little more discerning than we would be if we were, say, picking out a lipstick at CVS. One wrong move (or shampoo), and our hair gets mangled and impossible, but a holy grail serum can transform even the most rebellious strands into glossy perfection.

With that in mind, we looked to some of our favorite It girls and models to see which styling product they count as their ride-or-die. How does Gigi get her perfectly textured beach waves? What does Cipriana Quann use to keep her hair both moisturized and volumized? Keep scrolling to find out!