Every Time I Wear This Mascara, People Think I'm Wearing Falsies

Sometimes story ideas come about completely unexpectedly. Like, for instance, when you wiggle on a new-to-you mascara right before heading to the gym one night and arrive home later with a slew of fresh compliments under your belt and therefore decide you must write (and Instagram) about it as soon as humanly possible. Here's what happened: Even though I normally avoid wearing makeup whenever I work out, last night on a whim, I tried ModelCo Fibre Lash Brush-On False Lashes ($45) before heading out the door to Equinox. I'd tried fiber-technology mascaras and lash products before (to no avail) and didn't want to risk experimenting on a morning when I'd have to, you know, interview a celebrity or attend an important event. (This job sometimes requires some strategy.) So since I assumed I'd likely sweat off the formula regardless (and I don't really care if I end up looking crazy at the gym), I gave it a whirl.