How Models Deal With Every Winter Skin Concern

Despite winter being a given every year, somehow, every time it rolls around, we're always underprepared for less daylight, icy precipitation, and bone-chilling temperatures. A steep drop in the mercury means having to adjust our lives in myriad ways, namely our skincare routines. The lightweight moisturizers we used in the summer months won't quench our thirsty skin when the blustery winds gust, so we've got to bring out the heavy (but non-pore-clogging) artillery to maintain that same dewy glow we had when summer Fridays were still a thing.

Curious what some of the most photographed women do to keep their skin in prime condition come wintertime, we turned to a few top models for their no-fail tips and tricks. Their selfies don't lie, because sometimes even FaceTune can't fix dry, flaky skin. Their thoughts, below.