How Models Deal With Every Winter Skin Concern

Despite winter being a given every year, somehow, every time it rolls around, we're always underprepared for less daylight, icy precipitation, and bone-chilling temperatures. A steep drop in the mercury means having to adjust our lives in myriad ways, namely our skincare routines. The lightweight moisturizers we used in the summer months won't quench our thirsty skin when the blustery winds gust, so we've got to bring out the heavy (but non-pore-clogging) artillery to maintain that same dewy glow we had when summer Fridays were still a thing.

Curious what some of the most photographed women do to keep their skin in prime condition come wintertime, we turned to a few top models for their no-fail tips and tricks. Their selfies don't lie, because sometimes even FaceTune can't fix dry, flaky skin. Their thoughts, below. 

Come the colder months, model and founder of Wander Beauty Lindsay Ellingson likes to cozy up at home with Netflix and a mask. "My newest find is Nuori's Supreme Moisture Mask," she told us in her piece for Byrdie. "Nuori is known for creating the freshest, all-natural formulas. What makes this mask unique is that you can wear it almost anywhere. It's lightweight and practically invisible on the skin."

Model Joan Smalls concocts her own oil-moisturizer hybrid for maximum hydration in the colder months. "I mix Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair ($103) with Re-Nutriv ($310) at night," Smalls said. "It's actually not age-appropriate for me, but it's so rich, and between the shows and the weather, I need it!"

Being the face of Maybelline and a global influencer with over 44 million Instagram followers, Gigi Hadid doesn't have to pay for products all that often, we assume. But one item she consciously spends her own money on is luxe lip balm. "Chanel Hydra Beauty ($50) is my all-time favorite lip moisturizer," Hadid says. "I just love how thick it is. I love the smell. It's the one beauty thing that I spend money on."

Just as we layer our clothing when temperatures drop, it's important to layer our skincare, too. Model Jesinta Franklin doubles up on Olay Total Effects Night Cream ($35) before bed. "Your skin repairs the most at night, so it's one of the best times to nourish your skin with as much moisture as possible," she told us. "It's important to remember to hydrate the body from the inside out by increasing water intake during the day.

Julie Ann Luna turns her bathroom into a certified spa in the colder months. It's a simple trick that sounds incredibly luxe but is so accessible. "My number one tip—especially in the winter—is that in order to get the most out of your facial mask sheets, use them directly after a warm, steamy shower so that the product can be rapidly absorbed!" she tells us. "It'll add moisture and seal in all that much-needed hydration." 

Cranking up the heat in your home means dry conditions causing your skin's moisture levels to deplete. To remedy this, model Alana Zimmer invested in the most underrated winter beauty staple. "I just got a humidifier!" Zimmer excitedly tells us. "I always thought it was a hoax, but it turns out it makes a huge difference, especially in New York in the winter."

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