Here's How to Prep Your Skin Like a Model



In case you've missed the news or happen to live in an area that isn't particularly frigid this time of year, it's been cold in New York. Like the kind of cold where you bundle up in 18 layers of clothing and contemplate wearing a sleeping bag in public (hey, it's New York Fashion Week—what better time to start a new trend). But because the temperature has been so offensively chilly, the models have needed a bit of extra TLC before their makeup is applied to take care of dryness, flakiness, and redness. That's why Dr. Jart+ partnered with Opening Ceremony to "restore the models' natural glow" and prep the skin for the "radiant makeup look" the designers were aiming for. Keep scrolling to find out how they did it!

And there you have it! Not too difficult, right? What's your usual pre-makeup routine? Please tell us below!