It's True: Models Are Obsessed With This One Foundation

Amazingly, models seem to have the natural and uncanny ability to go foundation-free. How an entire subgroup of women is blessed with beautiful skin is beyond us, but it's a trend that's steadfast in nature.

When I go foundation-free, my brother calls me a crypt-keeper. So, I guess you could say models and I don't have flawless complexions in common (among many other things). That's why I (and I'm sure many of you) want to know which foundations will feign a model-worthy glow. And, believe it or not, while models aren't heavy foundation-wearers themselves, they do turn to one formula in particular when they're in the makeup mood. Keep scrolling for the model-favorite foundation (as well as a few runners-up!).

What's your go-to formula? Please tell us below!