This Is How to Do a Filling, Healthy Dinner Like a Top Model

Come dinner time, eating like a model is always at the forefront of my mind—you know, "lean and clean," as they say. Scrolling through Instagram, I'm constantly met with a bevy of statuesque runway crusaders and their photogenic vegetables and protein and vow to make good decisions for my forthcoming meals—cut to me elbows-deep in a Philly cheesesteak and on a first-name basis with the delivery guy, and it's evident that dreams and reality are often two different things.

When it sets in that my food choices turn my body into 90% grease and guilt, I think back to eating lean and clean—sure, models are paid to look amazing and have to maintain their figures, but why not look at my own body as my lifeblood? After all, my health should be my number one priority, and keeping it in prime condition is my job (as a human). Since dinnertime often falls in line with being lazy and apt to order in, I thought I'd gather some meal inspiration from a few beautiful women who have this healthy eating thing down to a science. Below, take a look at top models' favorite supper options.