This Is What One of the World's Best Ballerinas Eats Every Single Day

You don't have to be a dancer or ballet enthusiast to be familiar with Misty Copeland. Copeland started dancing when she was 13, and has had a long dance career, before she was ultimately promoted to principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater at 32, making her the first African-American dancer to ever be in this position. If you don't know much about the classical ballet world, the short time frame in which Copeland went from beginner, to professional performer, and then on to primary ballerina status is basically unheard of. In short, she's a prodigy. 

When I got the call for a quick interview slot with Copeland while she's here in Australia promoting her new Under Armour Inspired by Misty Copeland Collection (and performing with The Australian Ballet in 'Sleeping Beauty', no less), I was quick to say yes. I asked her everything from training schedules, to her favourite face mask, to exactly what one of the world's premier ballerinas eats in a day. 

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