Hairstylist Anthony Turner on Styling Miss Piggy for Love Magazine

Miss Piggy is a goddess, and she's giving Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner a run for their high-fashion money in this month's issue of Love, out today. In fact, she usurped Jenner to make it onto the cover alongside Baldwin (we bet she felt mighty smug about that). But, you know, it's all in a day's work for the globe's most fabulous swine. Peppa may be vying for the crown of most famous, but Miss Piggy has more sass.

Cover of Love magazine with Miss Piggy and Hailey Baldwin
Alasdair McLellan / Love Magazine

The TV and movie star is resplendent on the cover and the shoot in a dusty-pink faux-fur coat and matching headpiece that was custom-made for her by Miu Miu. Now, we are never ones to speculate or pry on famous people's love lives, but we were happy to see Kermit make an appearance nestled on a stoop between Jenner and Miss Piggy.

Are they back together? Kermit famously dated a red-headed pig called Denise from the ABC network's marketing department back in 2015. But while their love life may be complicated, luckily Miss Piggy's hairstyle for the shoot is much simpler. Anthony Turner, hairstylist extraordinaire, spoke exclusively to us about working with Miss Piggy on this shoot and how you can re-create her glam waves at home.

Keep scrolling for all the gossip, plus what Miss Piggy herself thought of the whole experience.

BYRDIE: You have worked with some incredible people, but was it daunting working with such an icon?

ANTHONY TURNER: I have to be very honest—working with Miss Piggy was my equivalent of working with royalty. I was completely overwhelmed. Luckily I kept it together, and we had a blast.

BYRDIE: Miss Piggy has a reputation for being a bit of a diva (and rightly so—she's a goddess). How was she like to work with?

AT: After she set a few ground rules, as any true diva does, we hit it off in such a spectacular way. A lot of "celebrities" like to think of themselves as divas nowadays, but Miss Piggy is the definition of a diva: She's sassy but classy.

Miss Piggy, Kermit, and Kendall Jenner
Alasdair McLellan / Love Magazine

BYRDIE: How did Miss Piggy come to be this issue of Love's cover star?

AT: I know that Katie Grand is obsessed with the Muppets, and I think the opportunity arose for Katie, Miu Miu, photographer Alasdair McLellan and the Muppets to collaborate. Miu Miu custom-made all the clothes, not just for Miss Piggy, but for all the Muppets who were featured in the issue—it was incredible. And of all the Muppets, Miss Piggy is the obvious cover star.

BYRDIE: Did you collaborate on the look with Miss Piggy?

AT: We had a very open conversation, and we both gave our input. At the end of the day, she wants to look glamorous and sexy—never trashy. I love easy, cool hair, so we met in the middle, I did get a sharp side-eye when she asked if I was going to use hot rollers, and I said no. I used the hot rollers.

BYRDIE: What is her hair type, and what was it like to style?

AT: She has the best hair on the planet. It's like pure woven silk.

Miss Piggy and Stella Tennant
Alasdair McLellan / Love Magazine

Moi and Hailey had the most fabulous time looking fabulous together [on the cover]. We struck that serious 'Moi is a model' look that is de rigueur for a high-end fashion shoot like this.

BYRDIE: Talk us through the hairstyle for the cover—what was the inspiration, and how can our readers re-create it?

AT: There was just one hairstyle [for the cover and the shoot]. Very loose, very sexy, not overdone, but still with a good amount of quality and movement.

To start, I prepped the hair with L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Pli ($20) and blow-dried it with a large round soft-bristle brush, making sure I put a lot of bend in the ends.

Then for extra bounce and movement, I set her hair with large hot rollers. Once cool, I brushed the hair out and used L'Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil ($36) to promote shine.

Miss Piggy and Kaia Gerber
Alasdair McLellan / Love Magazine

BYRDIE: What did you chat about on set? Did she divulge any beauty secrets or tips since she has been in the industry for so long?

AT: We spoke about so many things. … Mainly the trials and tribulations of her infamous relationship with Kermit. We all know that's no secret. I tried to get the scoop on some of the other major celebrities that she has worked with over the years, but Miss Piggy is a true professional—she kept her cards close to her snout at all times.

BYRDIE: What are your favorite Miss Piggy hairstyles through time and why?

AT: In "The Muppets Take Manhattan," she has this kind of shaggy '80s perm. So major.

Miss Piggy
Moviestore Collection / Shutterstock

As for Miss Piggy, we wanted to find out how she felt sharing the cover with model Hailey Baldwin, she told us exclusively: "Moi and Hailey had the most fabulous time looking fabulous together. We giggled and dished with each other until just before the cover photo was taken—that's when we stopped and struck that serious 'Moi is a model' look that is de rigueur for a high-end fashion shoot like this."

Next up: Hailey Baldwin on hair color goals and nailing off-duty beauty.

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