I Wore a Full Face of $1 Makeup, and This Is What I Learned

In middle school, my makeup stash would have made my current beauty-editor self cringe. I wasn’t allowed to touch my mother’s collection (though I did sneak her eyeliner and foundation a million and a half times, which was met with a screeching “Lindsey Denise!” heard round the house), so I opted for whatever I could buy on a 12-year-old’s budget. My purchases were mostly were sold on the end caps of CVS’s beauty section, only cost a handful of dollars, and left me enough to buy ice cream from the lunch room the next day (you know, priorities), but the quality often matched the price tag. I mean, there weren’t many middle schoolers walking around with Diorshow on their lashes, but whenever I look at old yearbook photos (and because I’m not a masochist, that’s rare), I do it with one eye open. The glitter, the mismatched foundation… It’s all just too much.

Recently, I discovered a site called Miss A that sells products for a mere $1 each. I immediately flashed back to my tween days, imagining each product would have low-grade pigment and last for a total of three minutes after application, but the site has been met with rave reviews from bloggers, so I figured I’d at least give the products a shot. I even went so far as to do an entire face of $1 products from Miss A and wear them for a full day. To my pleasant (and shocked) surprise, some of the products were quite good. Take a look at my final look below, which costs a total of—wait for it—$8!

Final thoughts: I was shocked at how good the foundation and highlighter were—so much that I’d consider using them again. The blush, shadow, brow pencil, and concealer were good, just perhaps not worth a revisit. The eyeliner and mascara are definite nos. All things considered, I still can’t believe I did a full face of makeup for $8 and that it looked as good as it did. Also, Miss A has a ton of other products that I’d still be willing to give a shot and that may perform better than my least favorites in this experiment, so if you’re on a budget, I highly recommend giving the site a glance.

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