Miranda Kerr Just Launched a Very Exciting Body Product



Miranda Kerr’s got an announcement that the beauty world is going to love. The model has expanded her certified organic line of skincare to include limited-edition aromatherapy bodywash. Kerr shared the news this weekend on her personal Instagram by posting the below product photo.

Kora bodywash, which is now available online at KoraOrganics.com while supplies last, was developed in three formulas: Energising, Calming, and Balancing ($60 each)—something for any type of day. Ingredient-savvy shoppers will be happy to hear each bodywash is packed with all-natural goodness, including names we recognize and trust, like aloe vera, rose, hibiscus, calendula, chamomile, lavender, and green tea. We’re feeling Zen just talking about them.

On the brand’s website, Kerr credits the development of her healthy organic lifestyle and line to her flawless skin. While we think it’s still due in large part to the fact that she scored big in the genetic lottery, treating your body well can’t hurt. Add to cart we will!

Do you try to stick to organic beauty products? Let us know in the comments how important understanding the ingredients list is to you!