I Chucked 80% of My Makeup: Here's My New 5-Minute, 5-Product Routine


Amanda Montell

About six months ago, I woke up one morning with a sense of spontaneous motivation to clean out the bottomless abyss that was my makeup collection. I was going through a transition period in my career and personal life, and you know how life works—one thing changes, and before you know it, you've turned your whole entire world upside down. So that's exactly what I did with my makeup: After feeling an under-the-surface sense of agitation about how many products I owned but never used, I took three hours one Saturday a.m. to capsize my makeup bins and drawers and sort them into three categories: essentials (to keep), half-empty, half-spilled junk (to toss), and unopened samples I once thought I might use but honestly probably never would (to donate).

By the time I'd dropped off four tote bags of makeup at the Los Angeles LGBT Center (did you know it has a cosmetic donation program, by the way?), I was left with one single travel case full of makeup. It was a big travel case, but still: This was the most pared-down my collection had been in years. I instantly felt a sense of liberation. As an exercise, getting rid of 80% of my makeup forced me to be honest with myself about which products I actually love and want to use every day—which products I want to remain loyal to and which I need to just let go.

Of course, special occasions call for certain glitters and eyeliners you might not use every day, and I still have a tiny separate stash of those supplies. But over the past six months, my minimized makeup collection has forced me to nail down an everyday makeup routine that I feel is so modern, fresh, and perfect for 2018 that I simply had to share it with you. Down to look effortless while actually feeling effortless? Keep scrolling to discover the five-minute, five-step makeup routine I've been following almost every day.

5 Minutes, 5 Products…