12 of the Best Minimalist Brands to Add to Your Wardrobe

See why less is more.

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If there ever was an industry that not only set up camps but also blurred lines, it would be fashion. On one side you have maximalists, who you'll often see taking on the season's brightest, trendiest pieces, and on the other you have minimalists. That's not to say that minimalists aren’t equally bold and daring—this side of dressing embraces more muted color palettes, exquisite tailoring, and exaggerated yet modern silhouettes.

By making a consistent statement season after season, minimalist brands have shown strength on the runway and equally in our wardrobes. They cover the basic, investment pieces that stand the test of time, offering versatile options that veer towards a more classic or "capsule" wardrobe. Finding peace and harmony amidst the color and prints, minimal brands and styling have been constants in our wardrobes time and time again. Ahead, see 12 of the best minimalist brands to know (and shop) right now.

Christopher Esber

Australian designer Christopher Esber established his cult-favorite brand in 2010. You may recognize his name in fashion circles for the way he expresses simplicity in such a considered, precise manner. Merging a range of silhouettes, Esber's line has the structured fluidity you didn’t know you needed.


Built on establishing a timeless style and wardrobe with capsule, quality pieces in mind, Sundarbay is a London-based brand that presents statement features out of curated basics. In need of an oversized yet precisely tailored suit or basics that stand the test of time? This label has you covered.

Re Ona

If the aesthetic color palette wasn’t enough, Re Ona will have you in love with its elevated simplicity, incredibly soft blazers, and minimal dresses to take you to any event. Re Ona has taken loungewear and turned it into part of your wardrobe that you can proudly leave the house in—an appropriate proposition if you've been working from home.


For Budapest-based minimalist brand Nanushka, fashion is all about versatile, modern, and elevated pieces that prioritize function as much as form. With high-quality vegan leather pieces alongside simple and structured silhouettes, the brand has fast become a favorite for many.

Aissata Ibrahima

Bringing about the strength in femininity and the vulnerability within masculinity, Aissata Ibrahima blurs traditional boundaries in her bespoke designs. Inspired by classical tailoring, she takes on color and cuts while staying true to an overall minimalist profile.


If there ever was a capsule wardrobe encapsulated, it would be Bazilika. The minimalist brand's well-crafted designs in the simplest of colors speak volumes on the body. With the pieces' low backs, deconstructed designs, and swooping necklines, you can trust us that you'll be a fan in no time.

The Frankie Shop

If you ever need a minimalist ensemble with a touch of drama, let The Frankie Shop be your go-to. Capturing both off-duty dressing and loungewear, the brand makes dressing for the day-to-day so easy. We would say to keep an eye on the blazers—they sell out as quickly as they arrive.

Anine Bing

With the mission to create wardrobe classics that feel empowering and confidence-boosting, Anine Bing captures the essence of modern style—dressing between moods, fits, and colors.

Dion Lee

A standout for his clean yet progressive aesthetic, Dion Lee knows how to turn your basics into something special. From corset tops to deconstructed dresses, this minimalist brand creates the drama you want without going overboard.

Wardrobe NYC

Taking a step back from the fast approach to fashion, Wardrobe NYC is focused on quality investment pieces that stand the test of time. Think tailored suits, exquisitely cut T-shirts, and longline coats that work across seasons.


If you’re ever wanting to build your wardrobe from scratch, Totême would be a great label to turn to—these classic and well-crafted pieces stand the test of time while creating moments of joy in your wardrobe. You're sure to be excited to get dressed every morning.


Establishing moment after moment within the industry, Khaite is perhaps most famous for its matching cardigan set seen on Katie Holmes. Since then, the minimalist brand has gone from strength to strength, showcasing classics married to drama.

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