A Minimalist's Guide to Anti-Aging

I work alongside women whose vanities resemble that of a lab, laden with tinctures, potions, and jars stacked upon each other, each of which we'd vehemently argue serves a purpose. It's the nature of our profession; we're constantly inundated with the latest It ingredients and solutions and can't wait to try our hands (and faces and necks) at them. So when I meet someone who tells me they "don't have a skincare routine" or entrusts a single makeup wipe to cover their bases each night, I audibly gasp. At the very least, a good SPF moisturizer for daytime and hydrating night cream are paramount, but I understand that sometimes just flopping onto your mattress spread-eagle at the end of the night is much more alluring than busting out a full routine. 

Back to properly caring for your skin: In order to prevent degradation and premature aging, you have to use the right products. They don't need to be anything fancy or multifaceted—just a few staple products will do the trick. We tapped two experts, Shani Darden, esthetician to celebrities like Jessica Alba and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Ava Shamban, MD, top NYC dermatologist, for their thoughts on a bare-bones, easy anti-aging skincare routine that even the lowest-maintenance person can appreciate.