I Use Over 15 Skincare Products a Day—These 6 Are the Most Important


Anna Harty

About a month ago, I wrote about every single product I use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis—depending on whether I am breaking out, going out, or suffering from beard burn. To be frank, it added up to quite the haul (which, I understand, can be both expensive and time-consuming). The overwhelming response when it was published was with regard to paring it back: If you had to choose, readers and friends asked, which products would you consider most important?

For me, a person who admits to being fairly high maintenance and meticulous in the skincare department, answering such a question was a tall order. So, I turned the decision over to the pros. I reached out to a few of my favorite and most trusted dermatologists to whittle my collection of skincare favorites down to the bare minimum. They turned up with just four important formulas to keep, which, in turn, gave me an anxiety attack. But given the chance to breathe, reboot, and attempt a more minimalistic lifestyle, I'm willing to oblige. Or, I'll keep my skincare routine as opulent as it always has been and remember these four products for my next round of friend-to-friend recommendations. Either one.

FYI: These are the products I use specifically when I'm breaking out.