We're Using These 10 Minimal Makeup Looks as Our Summer Beauty Inspo

At the zenith of summer, when temperatures are hot, days are long, and our schedules are full, the last thing we want to do is apply heavy or fussy makeup (and then inevitably reapply as it melts off our face due to heat and sweat). Instead, we crave minimal makeup looks—those that require just a few standout products to keep us looking fresh and put-together. But don't think that just because a makeup look is minimal that it's boring. We have the evidence to prove otherwise. You see, we went back in the archives, searching for our favorite looks from past Byrdie features, and boy did we find them. From Shanina Shaik's standout coral lip to Sonia Ben Ammar's glossy gold shadow and Cleo Wade's rust-colored eyes, these 10 minimal makeup looks are sure to inspire you all summer long.