7 Mini-Fringe Hairstyles to Tempt You Over to the Short Side

Take one scroll on Instagram and tell me what you see. Probably an array of holiday photos coming in thick and fast, but among the beach spam, there's one haircut prevailing, and we're not mad. Enter: the mini fringe. Reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn's forehead-skimming fringe in Breakfast at Tiffany's, the mini fringe has had a modern update, and it's the only hairstyle we're saving to our Instagram collections. See some of our favourites below to take to your hairdresser when you're feeling brave.

mini fringe hairstyles: Alyssa Coscarelli With Mini Fringe

Alyssa Coscarelli

If there's one person I regularly head to for hair (and wardrobe) inspiration, it's Refinery29's senior fashion marketing editor, Alyssa Coscarelli. Alyssa's bob-plus-fringe combo always looks great, but recently she updated to a mini fringe, and it's elevated her entire look. Keep your hairs texture intact, like Coscarelli with Ouai's Wave Spray (£10)—we know from her Instagram Stories that she's a fan. 

mini fringe hairstyles: Courtney Trop With Mini Fringe

Courtney Trop

Make like blogger Courtney Trop and opt for a messy, uneven mini fringe if you're feeling bored of your length. 

mini fringe hairstyle: Emily Ratajkowski With Mini Fringe

Emily Ratajkowski

Okay, so this is 100% a wig, but hear us out. Emily Ratajkowski's pixie crop with tiny fringe looks super chic, and it's so easy to maintain if you opt for this cut for real. Simply wash and go, or for days you can't be bothered to wash it, spray an instant hair refresher like Lazy Girl by Sam McKnight (£19).

mini fringe hairstyle: Taylor LaSae With Mini Fringe

Taylor LaShae

Anyone else getting serious Amélie vibes from Taylor LaShae's crop and mini fringe? The beauty of a mini fringe like LaShae's is you can allow it to grow and it'll still look styled, unlike a longer fringe that just ends up in your eyes. Give your hair some volume with something like Rahua's Voluminous Spray (£30) if it feels flat. 

mini fringe hairstyles: Emma Watson with Mini Fringe

Emma Watson

This choppy mini fringe was an unexpected hair change for Emma Watson, but we love it. Keep the rest of your hair neat for this effect; then let the messiness of the fringe do all the talking. 

mini fringe hairstyle: Emily Bador With Mini Fringe

Emily Bador

Model Emily Bador is proof that a mini fringe looks equally as good when the rest of your hair is tied up. Secure yours back into a low-slung bun or ponytail for an effortless, everyday style.

mini fringe hairstyle: Alison Sudol With Mini Fringe
Getty/Jon Kopaloff

Alison Sudol

How gorgeous does actress and singer Alison Sudol look with her chin-length bob and baby bangs? If you're not brave enough to go this short, ask your hairdresser for more length the first time you cut your fringe; then go shorter each time you get a trim. It'll feel less drastic, and you can test out if a mini fringe is for you. ■

Would you get a mini fringe? DM us on Instagram and let us know. 

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