11 Fun-Size Beauty Products That Are So Much Better Than Halloween Candy

We called it "trick-or-treating," but it was really just a glorious competition that was all about bagging more candy than your friends and siblings. There was something exciting about the chilliness in the air and the dead leaves on the ground. You proudly flaunted your costume at every doorstep. Oh, the nostalgia for childhood Halloween.

But alas, things change. Of course, we adults aren't totally past "accidentally" buying three bags of candy on our weekly grocery run and feasting on it during a spooky Netflix sesh. But as beauty junkies, we prefer to indulge in something different. This Halloween, we're trading our fun-size Milky Ways for fun-size makeup.

Here, we've assembled a list of mini beauty products that are just as good as candy (except better, because they don't completely ruin your clean-eating streak). These tiny versions of your favorite makeup, skincare, and hair products (plus a few you’ve been desperate to try) are like Halloween bonbons for beauty fanatics. Right this way to a more grown-up yet equally delightful October treat. Just be cautious: They're so cute you're going to want to buy them all.

You have the Halloween treats covered… Now what about your costume? Next, check out some Halloween costume inspiration from your favorite '90s movies.