Millie Mackintosh on Her Beauty Line That Was a Year in the Making

Millie Mackintosh Beauty Review
Courtesy of Millie Mackintosh
Millie Mackintosh Beauty Review
Courtesy of Millie Mackintosh

BYRDIE UK: What made you decide to launch a beauty range?

MILLIE MACKINTOSH: Beauty has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. I trained to be a makeup artist when I was 18 and have continued my love affair with everything beauty since. It's a dream come true to partner up with Boots, as it is such an iconic British institution.

BYRDIE UK: What was your inspiration for the collection?

MM: I wanted to create a capsule edit of my daily go-to's that were easy-to-follow products. The packaging and presentation were really important, as I wanted them to feel luxurious and also have a gifting element to them.

BYRDIE UK: How long have you been working on the products?

MM: The products were in development for about a year. I worked with a wonderful dedicated team of ladies who merged the technical elements with my creative ideas and aesthetic references.

BYRDIE UK: Do the products suit all skin types and tones?

MM: We endeavoured to incorporate all skin types for the body-based products and tones for the makeup elements. For example the Shape Up Brow Set (£12) and the Deeply in Lustre Bronze and Glow (£16), you can build up to your preferred colour. I was also mindful that the range is all-inclusive. There's a little bit of something in there for everyone.

BYRDIE UK: What is your favourite product—if you had to choose—and why?

MM: The Couture Beauty (£30) would be my favourite set, as it encapsulates all my favourite products for a full look. It's also a wonderful gift.

BYRDIE UK: The body products have a signature scent—why jasmine and bergamot?

MM: I love the mix of citrus and floral combined. It's fresh, but it also has an undertone depth that becomes more present over time.

BYRDIE UK: If someone was going to buy one product from the range, what should it be?

MM: It would really depend on the type of customer. For the traveller, I would recommend the Luxe Glow Body Beautifiers (£18). If you like to pamper yourself, then the Prep & Pamper Body Collection (£20) is the set for you. Having a gorgeous bath experience is something I indulge in on a regular basis.

BYRDIE UK: Do you have any secret uses for any of the products?

MM: The lip colour balm is also great for your cheeks. Dual products are always a winner for me.

BYRDIE UK: What's the most life-changing beauty trick you have learnt since working with makeup artists?

MM: There are so many. However brushing up the eyebrow (not brushing out) will always make them look fuller and give a more open shape to your eye.

BYRDIE UK: Any hints as to what we can expect in the future from your beauty line?

MM: More to come…

BYRDIE UK: Besides going to the gym, if you are leaving the house, what makeup product is non-negotiable?

MM: If my eyebrows are done, then I tend to feel ready to face the day. Shape Up Brow Kit is always in my bag.

Millie Mackintosh Shape Up Brow Kit $12
Millie Mackintosh Couture Beauty $30
Millie Mackintosh Prep & Pamper Body Collection $20

The Byrdie Verdict

Such a great gifting idea. The standouts? The body soufflé and luxe body lotion (part of the Prep & Pamper Body Collection, £20) leave skin super soft, as well as subtly and beautifully scented. The lip lacquer (in the Bare Blush Luxe Lip Kit, £13), a well-pigmented suits-all pink and the face illuminator (in the Glam & Glow Face & Lip Radiance Duo, £9) have both already made it into my makeup bag. The illuminator is a warm gold hue that can be applied alone to bare skin to add an all-over glow, mixed with foundation when skin needs a lift or tapped onto high points of the face.

Millie Mackintosh Beauty is available from today exclusively at Boots and

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