11 Millennial Pink Beauty Products, Just Because


Isabella Behravan

There's just no escaping that bubblegum hue, is there? Few color trends are so pervasive and long-lasting that they earn their own monikers, but when you think about it, Millennial Pink's fate was sealed from the beginning. Equal parts retro-inspired and kitschy-cool, the mauvy pastel shade is also muted enough to double as a neutral. There are entire restaurants dedicated to the color and its Instagrammability. Drive down Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles at any hour, and you're likely to see a dozen people lined up at the famous Paul Smith pink wall, just waiting to take their photos in front of the candy-hued backdrop. The owners of Dimes, the fashionable brunch haunt on New York City's Lower East Side, actually had to remove a pink table from the restaurant after people kept clamoring to sit there—all for the most photogenic meal, of course.

So naturally, the beauty market has gotten in on the trend. In this case, the aesthetically pleasing hue is often a byproduct of a highly effective ingredient: a berry-infused face mask, for example, or a rose-scented lip polish. But either way, we can promise that Instagramming these on-trend products will pull in extra likes—and better yet, you won't disrupt anyone's breakfast in the process.

Feast your eyes below.