This Bootie Will Make Your Skin Peel Off, and Priceline Can't Keep It in Stock

Updated 12/07/18
Milky Foot Review

For so many years I've been obsessed with the idea of perfect hair and perfect skin; it's easy to forget other areas of my body. In this instance, I'm referring to my feet. Overworked and underpaid is probably an accurate way to look at it. I run laps around the city, sometimes in heels, and aside from the occasional pedicure, maintenance is a rarity. Enter Milky Foot. You've probably already heard of the little booties that quite literally make the skin on your feet peel off, but never tried them due to the basic human emotion, fear.

Well I have, and I'm here to tell you why you need them in your life. Fun fact: I was told just last week that Priceline sold over 20,000 units of Milky Foot in 2017. So I'm not alone when I say they're the business.

For an honest, but slightly horrifying review, keep reading. 

Milky Foot Intense Exfoliating Foot Pad $32 $27

Application is easy enough: Pop them on and wear them for the specified time frame before removing. FYI, your feet won't look any different straight up—it's in the weeks to come that the magic happens. 

Fast forward a few days, and big (emphasis on the word big) pieces of skin will quite literally peel off your feet. This process that can span for up to a week (I'd say five days is pretty accurate in my experience). And might I suggest wearing enclosed shoes in this time? Grossed out looks from fellow commuters is not what we're aiming for. I promise, if you weather the disgusting peeling situation, you will be #blessed with the most wonderful, baby-soft feet you've ever seen. Not a callous nor rough patch in sight.

Hey, if you don't trust me, 20,000 Priceline shoppers can't be wrong. 

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