Hurry: Milk Makeup Is Having an Epic Sale on Its Most Popular Products

Milk Makeup is a brand that just gets it. From its conveniently compact products for easy, on-the-go makeup and skincare to its overall brand messaging that represents true inclusivity at its core, it's the ultimate Gen-Z brand for a reason. Since its inception, Milk Makeup has been popular among a large community of millennials, celebrities, and editors alike. Not only are the products incredibly innovative (a solid-form facial toner, say what?), but the messaging behind the products represents something even more important: genderless beauty for all. The brand has supported countless LGBTQ+ initiatives and created some of the most forward-thinking campaigns that are a beautiful example of equality. 

And today's your lucky day because this too-cool-for-school brand is offering a whopping 25% off if you purchase over $75 on its site. It's the Friends and Family Sale, so basically tell everyone. At first, $75 may sound like a lot, but just think about how much these products are marked down right now. If you're intrigued by a matcha cleanser stick, the time is now to get one for $19 (its original price is $26). Plus, you can feel good about splurging on these 100% vegan, cruelty-free products because no animals were harmed while making them. This is happening for a limited time, so enjoy the online shopping steals while you can. Ahead are the products we keep in our bags whenever we need a re-up.