Milk Makeup's Future Fluid Concealer Makes Me Look Photoshopped

Hello, smooth under-eyes.

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Concealer is a necessary evil in my routine. As much as I would love to be one of those girls who can breeze out of the house with zero face makeup on, I will always need at the very least a dab of concealer on my under-eyes and acne scarring as a safety blanket (though I usually pair it with a full coverage foundation as well). However, even though I never go without it (and have tried more than my fair share of products), so much concealer falls flat—it's too thick or not thick enough. Some skew orange, or, worst of all, the concealer crumbles off my under-eyes mid-day.

That being said, Milk Makeup's newest offering, the Future Fluid Concealer ($29), may be the answer to my prayers. Read on for everything you need to know—plus, my honest review.

The Inspiration

Like many of Milk Makeup's products, Future Fluid is made to be multi-use. It has a customizable formula with medium to full coverage, so you can use it as a traditional concealer to target breakouts and dark circles, or all over the face as a sheer foundation. With a deeper shade, you can even use it to shape your face. The applicator is designed to suit all these functions, with a pointed tip for more targeted application, and a flat edge for broader coverage. As for the finish, it's luminous yet lightweight and, per the brand, is hydrating and crease-proof for a "second-skin finish." It comes in 30 shades across a variety of undertones.

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Milk Makeup

The Formula

Future Fluid not only boasts a hydrating, seamless formula, but is packed with six plant-powered skin-friendly ingredients to improve your skin while you wear it: Hyaluronic acid to hydrate, Defensil Revivyl to restore the skin barrier, caffeine to brighten, and arnica and aloe vera to soothe. The concealer is 92% natural, clean, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free, and gluten-free.

As for the texture, it's on the thicker side and doesn't run or drip when you place it on your skin. However, once blended out, it almost melts into the skin, becoming one seamless layer that doesn't feel heavy or tacky. It has a nice satin finish that looks like real skin.

My Review

Bella wears Milk Makeup Future Fluid Concealer

Bella Cacciatore

As I mentioned above, I have very high standards when it comes to concealer. I like high-coverage formulas, but a very natural finish—which seem to be mutually exclusive. I have a face that tends to "eat" makeup, so I need something that stays in place all day, yet won't crack and crumble off my dry eye bags. And most importantly, I like to have a single formula that works on both my under-eyes and on pimples and scarring.

The very first time I swiped on Future Fluid was over day-old concealer after a long day at work. I expected a dry, gloppy mess, but was shocked with the results—my under-eyes look airbrushed. When I applied it the next day over eye cream, I was somehow even more impressed. The thick, almost whipped formula sheers out beautifully when buffed with a brush (I love the Rose Inc. one), and it really does create a seamless layer on your skin. It covered most of the darkness under my eyes, but still looks incredibly natural. Also, it didn't settle into any creases or Accutane-induced dry patches—I like that this concealer dries down, so it stays put, but always fresh-looking.

I dotted it over my foundation on a few acne scars, which it covered perfectly, but didn't love how it covered an active pimple—though it would probably be fine over one that's less crusty (sorry). All in all, I'm pretty obsessed and will definitely add this one to my toolkit—it's the closest to no-makeup I'm going to get.

Milk Makeup Future Fluid Concealer
Milk Makeup Future Fluid Hydrating Concealer $29.00

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