Milk Makeup: Best Products and Brand Review

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We'll get to the point—Milk Makeup formulates fun, effective, inclusive makeup and skincare products for everyone. From cannabis sativa seed oil-infused mascara and roll-on body oil, to high-shine lip glosses and vegan skincare, anyone who has tried Milk products in the past most certainly has a favorite product (or ten).


Founded: Mazdack Rassi, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Georgie Greville, and Dianna Ruth in 2016

Location: New York City

Pricing: $16-$50

Best Known For: High-performance vegan and cruelty-free makeup, cannabis-infused Kush collection

Holy Grail Product: Hydro Grip Primer

Fun Fact: Milk Makeup customers are referred to as the “Milk Mob”

Other Brands You’ll Love: Kosas, RMS Beauty

Over the years, the brand has remained true to their promise to create 100 percent vegan beauty products and to never test on animals. From the beginning, the Milk team was determined to create products using “clean and good” ingredients, that require a bit more effort to identify and source. According to brand founder Zanna Roberts Rassi, their mission was to "rewrite old school beliefs that you can’t have it all in one line.” Some of the unique ingredients you'll find in Milk Makeup products include marshmallow extract, hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil, and blue agave.

These unique formulations satisfy the average Milk consumer, who tends to be deeply tapped into the beauty industry and an ingredient connoisseur. Repeat Milk customers—playfully nicknamed the "Milk Mob"—are "completely aware of what they are putting on their faces and appreciate good-for-you, clean ingredients," says Rassi.

And contrary to popular belief, Milk Makeup, a vegan brand, wasn't named for the sake of irony. The name actually comes from the famous Milk Studios in New York City where creatives have been coming together for years for fashion and beauty photoshoots. (And today, it's the location where Milk products are developed.) Despite the name, there isn't a trace of dairy milk in any of the brand's products. More on what is in the products, ahead—including that viral primer you've seen all over TikTok.

Ahead, discover the best products that Milk Makeup has to offer.

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Hydro Grip Primer

milk makeup hydro grip
Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer $32.00

If you haven't already seen this viral primer in your TikTok feed, you should know that this is Milk Makeup's most popular product—and for good reason. This tintless primer acts like rubber cement for your makeup, holding everything in its exact place. Hydro-grip is silicone-free and leaves no tint behind, making it universally popular with all skin tones and types. Ask any makeup artist and they'll tell you that you can't beat it.

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Kush High Volume Mascara

Milk Makeup mascara
Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara $24.00

Because we always want long, full lashes, this cannabis sativa seed oil-infused mascara promises to condition lashes while giving a dose of high volume for those seeking a super voluminous lash. The plant-derived oil actually helps to fuse the fibers to lashes to make them thick without all the flaking. Customers have attested in over 1,000 reviews that the mascara doesn't smear or flake-off, even during extended wear.

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Lip + Cheek

milk makeup
Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek $28.00

A personal favorite of many makeup artists (myself included), I use this product on every photoshoot when I’m at work, as it’s the easiest to apply to cheeks and lips and gives great color pay-off. It's a makeup artist’s dream. I’ve also had models express excitement when they see it at the makeup station, which is very telling as to how good it really is. It delivers enough the perfect amount of pigment in just one swipe; there’s no unnecessary product build-up or messy staining.

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Kush Triple Brow Pen

MIlk makeup triple brow pen
Milk Makeup Kush Triple Brow Pen $22.00

If your brows feel like a mess, this angled and triple tip felt brow pen helps to create the look of real brow hairs while making the application process super easy. Just apply the pen in upward strokes to brows and brush through for a more natural look and finish. No uneven pigmentation, no harsh lines—just the look of naturally fluffy brows.

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Flex Foundation Stick

Milk Makeup Flex Foundation Stick $36.00

An easy to apply medium-coverage foundation stick that comes in 36 versatile shades, this foundation is a favorite amongst MILK customers for the fact it blends so seamlessly into the skin. Need help finding your exact shade? You can email customer service for personalized assistance.

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Kush Lip Balm

milk makeup lip balm
Milk Makeup Kush Lip Balm $16.00

This moisturizing, antioxidant-rich lip balm keeps lips hydrated while delivering a dose of color in one clear shade and four other tinted shades. Softening and nourishing, it has a slight mint fragrance and magnetic click top to ensure your lip balm is protected at all costs.

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Vegan Milk Cleanser

milk makeup
Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Cleanser $30.00

A blend of vegan milks gives this sulfate-free cleanser the ability to remove and wash away all impurities without making your skin feel stripped or tight. Shea butter and vitamin-rich fig milk help to nourish and soothe inflamed skin, while the formula has a pH level between 5.5-6.5 to keep skin moisturized.

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Cooling Water Instant Under-Eye De-Puffer

cooling water milk makeup
Milk Makeup Cooling Water Instant Under-Eye De-Puffer $26.00

Nicknamed “sleep in a stick,” this under-eye product calls on caffeine and soothing seawater to give a boost of cooling, nourishing, and anti-puffing ingredients to help wake up your under-eyes. Keep it in the fridge if you tend to feel extra puffy in the morning, or stow one away in your bag for a midday pick-me-up.

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