Reviewed: Milk Makeup Cooling Water Stick

Milk Makeup Cooling Water

"Milk girls do their makeup quick." That's what I was told is the tagline as well as the basis for creative media company Milk and its millennial-cool makeup brand Milk Makeup. The phrase makes sense for the contemporary cultural hub that exudes effortless, yet bold style.

When I stepped into Milk Studios in NYC for its Milk Makeup launch dinner, I stood awestruck at the presentation before me. A mirrored table was set for over 90 people, featuring neon lights, an edible tablescape, and models getting a pep talk on how to serve each course to the guests. Following the dinner, a huge "rager" (as it was listed on the invite) ensued with special guests, the iconic female rap group Salt-N-Pepa. This was a launch party for the books.

The next day, I received a care package from Milk with Advil, Emergen-C, and Gummi Bears, along with a note "apologizing for the hangover." These were all welcomed recovery aids–but what I was most thrilled to find in the package was Milk's Cooling Water Stick. Keep scrolling to see if this product is worth the hype.

Milk Makeup Cooling Water $24

Fortified with caffeine and sea water, this stick cools on contact while it de-puffs and hydrates–a serious hangover remedy, for sure. It's particularly luxurious around the eye area, especially on those days when you can't stop hitting the snooze button. And it also comes in very handy on hot days, or through long hours in the sun during the summer festival season. It's a breath of fresh air for your face, so no worries about getting that dreaded heat-induced flush.

But more notably, Cooling Water is actually perfect for prepping before applying makeup. I noticed that my foundation had more of a glow to it and stayed that way throughout the entire day, even despite my naturally oily complexion. I also enjoyed how soothing the stick felt going on, and the fact that I only needed a little bit to feel the effects. You just glide it over your face, let the coolness wash over you, and carry on.

With its twist-up, one-handed application, this is one of many brush- and sponge-free products in Milk's arsenal. It stays true to the brand's ethos of quick makeup. On-the-go ingenues, this one's definitely for you.

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