Breaking News for MILK Chocolate–Lovers

Dark chocolate gets all the glory. It always has. And it always will. Or so we thought… New research suggests that milk chocolate may actually offer the same, if not more, health benefits. A recent study published in the journal Heart found people who ate between 16 and 100 grams of chocolate a day had a 14% lower risk of cardiovascular disease and a 23% lower risk of stroke compared to those who didn’t eat chocolate at all(which is good news for all chocolate-lovers). But unlike previous studies, this one conducted at the University of Aberdeen did not discriminate between dark chocolate and milk chocolate. In fact, the nearly 21,000 participants actually ate more milk chocolate than dark chocolate. It's still not entirely clear why chocolate delivers these health benefits, but most of the research has pointed to the flavonoids in cocoa, which dark chocolate has more of, but it may be time to go back to the drawing board on that one. Either way, we're just happy there's another excuse to eat chocolate. Someone pass the Antidote Chocolate ($7).

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