Miley Gets Blond Extensions, Channels '90s Britney Spears

The term “beauty chameleon” describes no one better than the ever-evolving Miley Cyrus. The singer isn’t one to shy away from a bold beauty look (or outfit… or lack of outfit), and we’ve seen her experiment with everything from dual mini buns to a close relationship with her armpit hair. In the latest installment of “Miley’s Shocking Beauty Choices,” we’re greeted with a long-haired, Britney Spears–reminiscent Cyrus, complete with a “Baby One More Time”–esque outfit—albeit a much more revealing version that involved ripped fishnets, because Miley. reports that Cyrus debuted the shoulder-skimming extensions on a night out with model friend Bella Hadid. Later in the night, however, Cyrus was back to her short cut, posing with friends at dinner. We actually think Cyrus looks great with the longer length and eagerly await the next installment of our favorite series. 

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