Miley Cyrus Went Brunette for SNL; See the Photo!

We suppose there was not much else Miley Cyrus could shock us with, outside of opting for a regular hairdo. The singer, whose rebellion extends beyond her hair choices and that go-to facial expression, revealed what appears to be dark-brown hair yesterday in an Instagram photo captioned, "Debutin my new liewkkk. #mileyonsnl #oct3." We suppose we'll have to all wait for tonight's SNL episode to see more of Miley's new look—the girl has certainly mastered the art of shock valueBut we can't wait, because (at least in this blurry photo) Miss Miley is slightly reminiscent of a 2006 Britney Spears. Fingers crossed she took the time to have this done by a professional and is using a conditioning neutralizer like Aveda 'Blue Malva' Color Conditioner ($21). Drastic hair changes can wreak havoc on anyone's hair. Until tonight! 

Do you prefer Miley as a platinum blonde? Are you excited to see her try something a bit more mainstream? Let us know in the comments!