Miley Cyrus Just Went Back to Brunette

With a marbled twist.

Miley Cyrus on the red carpet

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Though Miley Cyrus is a natural brunette, for most of us, she's more often associated with the word "blonde." She's been some shade of blonde since she was a teen, from her Hannah Montana days to her recent platinum Endless Summer Vacation era. But now, it seems that the star is back to her roots, as she appeared at an event over the weekend with dark brunette hair with bright money pieces.

On April 23, the star arrived at the Daily Front Row Fashion Awards in Los Angeles, where she was presenting her stylist Bradley Kenneth with the Music Stylist of the Year Award. She wore a ladylike leather pencil skirt but gave it her signature Miley edge with a leather corset complete with cone-shaped cups. She accessorized the look with black leather opera gloves and a pair of pointy-toed pumps with tiny bows. Though her color was new, she styled her hair in the messy waves she's been wearing for the past few years.

Cyrus has been platinum for nearly a decade, and before trying on a new darker shade, she'd been going for a "marbled" look with streaks of black—perhaps as a way to ease into a whole head of brunette.

“Evoking childhood memories of Cruella de Ville, [marbled hair] has had an update and ties into a newer, updated, more polished interpretation of the indie sleaze trend," Tom Smith, celebrity stylist and creative director of Evo hair, previously told Byrdie of rising hair color. “Using two contrasting shades, this trend has the best of both worlds. Desire for contrast in one’s hair color has been growing for the last few years, and this is our boldest offering to date.”

Miley Cyrus with marbled hair

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Considering the bold blonde streaks in Cyrus's brunette, this new look could actually still be considered marbled hair—she just reversed the shades. Smith notes that the trend "can be a great way of trying a new shade mixed in with your existing base," so it makes sense that Miley would use it as a transition. Though the look has a DIY vibe, Smith strongly recommends heading to the salon for this style. Ask for "bright panels of blonde" if you have a darker base, and choose streaks of black or colorful shades like pink and green if you have blonde hair.

As for touch-ups, the look is perfectly imperfect, which means there's some flexibility when it comes to refreshing your color. If you wear your hair up often, you'll want to touch up your roots every six to eight weeks. For at-home care, any color-safe shampoo and moisture mask like Evo's The Great Hydrator ($37) will keep the hair bright and nourished. Smith recommends washing your hair with cool water as this “will help keep these high contrast shades fresh and crisp when the color is new and minimize the risk of the colors transferring onto each other.”

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